Meet Richard

Fine tuning his self-confidence and selling himself to an employer are the most important things that Richard learned in the Starkloff Career Academy. “Meeting and getting to know my fellow classmates was amazing,” he adds. “Seeing how strong the human spirit is, the huge obstacles that can challenge us to accomplish and achieve so much. I am in awe of my classmates.”

Richard came to the Career Academy with a BA in Art History from UMSL. The Career Academy helped him develop strong interviewing skills and learn how to self-promote. Richard is now teaching at the St. Louis Community College, where he leads a continuing education class on how to use Twitter as well as freshman orientation, a semester-long class. “The class is to help freshman understand and adjust to the college work load and responsibilities.” He has been there since 2014.

Using his degree and training, Richard values helping students start their journey to learn new skills. “This is a huge task and I admire their will to succeed.”

Richard has Muscular Dystrophy. He has been using a wheelchair since 2003, at the age of 22. Having a disability helps make him an outstanding employee. “I see more possibilities from a different view. We can make anything possible with a different approach.”

“Always look for and find new inspiration,” Richard proclaims. Be a problem solver. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Meet Bryan

Bryan has Cerebral Palsy, and he uses a manual wheelchair to assist with his mobility disability. He started at the Career Academy with an MA in Human Resources Management from Webster University.

Before coming to our Career Academy, Brian was sending the same resume to every job opportunity, and he was finding little success landing a job he desired.

During the Career Academy program, he learned the hard skill of customizing his resume for each job. Several of the lessons in the Academy also taught him to be more adaptable, flexible, fluid and creative. After graduating from the Starkloff Career Academy in the Spring of 2017, he felt more confident with his disability because of the skills he learned and the opportunity to observe other professionals with disabilities living and working comfortably.

It was his self-assurance and courage that helped Bryan earn an internship at Gateway Sales Consulting, a firm committed to being the largest outsourced consulting company in North America, as a Job Title Recruiter for sales people in the business-to-business sector.

When describing his work experience, Bryan says, “My most meaningful work experience was building relationships with job seekers, making them feel more comfortable. I was able to establish a relationship with possible candidates to find out a common interest to discuss. I was able to help them relax prior to their interview, as well – All skills I learned from SCA.”

The Career Academy helped Bryan find his inner confidence, become more open and friendly. “It changed my life.”


We empower professionals with disabilities to land the career of their dreams.

The Starkloff Career Academy is a 10-week professional development course specifically designed by and for professionals with disabilities. HR experts help sharpen your job-searching skills and share current hiring trends.  You’ll get both group and one-on-one support from experts in disability employment. In our one-of-a-kind Career Academy, you’ll learn:

  • How to present your personal brand and disability story
  • How to identify and prepare for the most important interview questions
  • How to request accommodations for an interview
  • Which questions to ask during an interview
  • How to build a complete and stand-out resume
  • How to follow up with recruiters after an interview

This rigorous 60-hour course is offered at no cost to participants through the generous support of our corporate partners and donors. All prospective candidates must interview with a Career Academy team member prior to the course.



Personalized interview preparation and career development taught by real professionals with disabilities.


Learn the latest skills for the modern hiring process while building relationships with other skilled professionals with disabilities.


Put your skills to the test with trusted HR and hiring professionals from Starkloff's partner companies.


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What our graduates say about the Starkloff Career Academy

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As a result of this course, I feel confident that I have something to contribute to the workforce. This course and the group have convinced me that my potential, that I hadn’t recognized, is of great importance.


I have learned an enormous amount of information from the Starkloff Career Academy program and it has shown me so much in not only job-seeking skills, but life skills, and how to carry myself moving forward.


The Starkloff Disability Institute has helped give me confidence. Within that confidence I have learned and gained employment at Centene as a data management specialist and I’m very happy. I am proud to be a supporter and a graduate of the Career Academy.


I learned to take my disability and turn it into a strength, into the ability to thrive in difficult or challenging situations. I also learned to take accomplishments and successes of my career, to build on them, and to turn them into tools to finding meaningful employment, which I have done thanks to Starkloff.

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Starkloff Career Academy Advancements: Leadership Development for Disabled Professionals
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