2018 Dream Big Registration now open!

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This year marks the second year of Starkloff Disability Institute’s successful Dream Big Program. This new day camp-style program inspires college and career-bound high school students with disabilities to explore different career paths, understand the steps necessary to successfully live independently and prepare for college.

The Dream Big Career Camp is offered three times throughout the summer, and is centered on a week of learning inside St. Louis companies. The 2018 Career Camps will be:

  • June 4-8
  • June 18-22
  • July 16-20

“The idea for DREAM BIG is very timely,” Colleen Starkloff, cofounder of SDI says.  “Companies and corporations are now, more than ever before, seeking to increase their disability hiring.  But youth with disabilities don’t know this, nor are they aware of the vast opportunities for successful careers that await them in corporate America.

“Dream Big connects students with disabilities with great companies and corporations who are looking for talent,” Colleen continues, “so the youth can learn about job trends and where career opportunities lie, and then make informed decisions when transitioning to college, trade or tech schools.  They’re preparing themselves for their futures,” she explains.  “It doesn’t end there, however.  Youth with disabilities also need to prepare themselves for the independence, responsibilities and decisions they will need to take on as they leave high school.”

All of this is part of Dream Big: Collaboration with school districts, youth, parents and corporations. The Starkloff Disability Institute will make this happen.

Enrollment for all three of these Career Camps is now open. Register quickly!


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