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Exploring Careers at Express Scripts

By Annie Donnell

On July 9, students visited Express Scripts. Mark Boxer, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer spoke to DREAM BIG students to warmly welcome them to Express Scripts. He highlighted, “People with disabilities are the most hardworking and engaged people to hire.” He emphasized how different career opportunities are available at Express Scripts and told students they can overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

Next, students went on a tour of the facility and pharmacy. The pharmacy covers 270,000 square feet. The pharmacy dispenses and bottles medication for customers and members who use Express Scripts services – approximately 80,000 prescriptions are filled each day. Students were fascinated with all the technology used in the pharmacy that fills the prescriptions. Ninety percent of viles filled are done using automation, and only ten percent are done manually. Students saw the whole process from how an empty medicine bottle starts to the labeled finished product. They were amazed with the high volume filler which is a large room where bottles are filled and pills are stored. Pet medication and other medical supplies are housed and shipped out to members.

Jace expressed, “I think touring the factory was cool, and I enjoyed seeing how all jobs on the floor came together. I found it interesting that all the machines and people have to work together to get the job done. One take away is it requires lots of people to get one task completed.”

Emmanuel explained, “My favorite part of the day was the tour because I got to see how everything is made and that medicine is delivered all around the world.”

Students toured the usability lab and observation room. The usability lab is designed for a member of Express Scripts to meet with an employee in the department to look at how accessible and easy it is to navigate the website. They sat in one room using accessible features, such as eye-tracking, to see what works well and what still needs improvement. Employees from the IT department observed to see what improvements need to happen to ensure the website runs smoothly and is user-friendly for all. Students also learned that to pursue a career in this type of research lab, a degree in Human Factors would be best to seek.

Afterward, John Joplin spoke about technology and the technology professionals team. He explained technology helps find solutions and makes a difference in all aspects of the work done at Express Scripts. He also mentioned several different career opportunities at Express Scripts including technology, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, engineers, behavioral psychologists, IT specialists, web designers, and human resources.

Students participated in a mentoring session through a panel of employees and interns at Express Scripts where students asked questions about the company and opportunities. Students learned about internships available at Express Scripts. Each internship lasts twelve weeks and can lead to a full-time job. Students asked about company culture and learned about employment resource groups (ERG’s).

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