Camp Correspondent Blog – Day 5, Week 2

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Programming Their Careers at SavvyCoders

by Annie Donnell and Dylan Farmer


For the final day of DREAM BIG’s second week, it was time to log on and talk tech. Students visited SavvyCoders and had an opportunity to try computer programming. SavvyCoders is a bootcamp designed to help people find careers in computer programming. The program is designed to help people learn the ins and outs of website and computer programming from start to finish prior to finding a career. For those who are interested in programming, SavvyCoders offers a twelve-week intensive program which will prepare participants to program at any company.

Students learned technical terminology that is used in computer programming and had the chance to practice a hands-on activity with websites. Several students during this session of DREAM BIG have an interest in computer programming, so students were very excited to practice.

After the activity, students shared to debrief the morning. Ryan highlighted, “I thought it was outstanding to put in my own code and see how it worked. I’m not tech savvy, but it was fairly easy to learn.”

Calvin expressed, “SavvyCoders was right in my element. I love this place.” Students seemed to enjoy the morning hands-on activity.

Later in the day, Steve Foelsch from Starkloff led a discussion on disability pride, shared some of his story about having a disability, and talked about the challenges of accepting and being proud of your disability.

To wrap up the week, students prepared poster presentations to culminate the week in its entirety. Students have learned so much about trade and technical jobs, as well as resources they need to be successful in all areas of life. Students reflected on their week experience by sharing some highlights with the camp correspondents.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned this whole week is that no one’s going to be a pro just starting off, but with time and training, anything is possible,” Ryan stated. “If I was recommending DREAM BIG to someone, I would say it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about new and exciting companies, and it’ll definitely broaden your horizons.”

We’re logging off DREAM BIG’s second week with a lot learned and more to come in Week 3.


Editors’ note from Dylan Farmer: This is my last login. I have scheduled events during week 3 of DREAM BIG, so Annie will be reporting solo next week. It’s been a lot of fun journeying along with our students, and I hope all DREAM BIG students and staff have fun in July. Good luck with the heat!


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