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This semester’s Starkloff Career Academy Capstone Course began on February 19th. Our 12 candidates have so far learned how to identify their personal values and match them to the jobs they are after, how to disclose their disability from a position of strength, how to focus their resumes and cover letters on accomplishments, and how to read job descriptions to identify the most important details.
Candidates have also spent 3 days with COCAbiz learning how to tell compelling stories. On March 5th, they learned improvisational skills designed to help them think on their feet and maintain conversations. On March 7th, they learned how to use metaphors in speaking and writing to quickly convey ideas. On March 12th, they learned techniques for controlling their breathing and how the words they choose to emphasize in conversations changes their message.
After COCAbiz, candidates spent two days learning effective networking techniques and ways to overcome barriers to networking. On March 26th, three members of Mercy Healthcare’s Talent Acquisition Team taught the class how to apply for jobs at Mercy. They then worked in small groups with candidates to practice interview questions, provide resume feedback and answer any questions they have about Mercy’s hiring process.

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