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Colleen Starkloff Talks Disability

Veteran’s Day is November 11, but we should celebrate our country’s servicemen and women year round. We owe the freedoms we enjoy as citizens to those who serve our nation to protect them. However, when some of these brave individuals return with disabilities, we aren’t able to give them enough resources to integrate back into society. The old adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” is never truer than in the case of disabled veterans. Our choice to welcome veterans with disabilities into the workforce speaks much louder than, “Thank you for your service.”

Work defines us. It gives us a sense of purpose. It is essential for raising a family, having a home and a good quality of life. Full independence in society can only be achieved through full and meaningful employment – and this includes all people with disabilities. Our veterans who served our country with such a sense of purpose, deserve the opportunity to work with such purpose again.

Veteran’s Day reminds employers to think strategically to include more disabled veterans into their workforce and make disability employment a priority. Hopefully, HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers nationwide are inspired to look at their hiring practices to see what they can do to increase their hiring of people with disabilities, including those who have served our country. With the economy booming and unemployment at its lowest in recent history, the marketplace is ripe to open its doors wider to welcome talented people with disabilities.

Our veterans will be thanked in a number of ways throughout our country over the weekend and on the federally-observed day on Monday. Consider celebrating disabled veterans in your workplace throughout the year by offering them the opportunity to achieve economic independence.

Resources for Companies and Candidates

If you are an employer looking to make your workplace more welcoming to disabled veterans, resources are available from Starkloff Disability Consultants.

If you are a Veteran with a disability contact Starkloff Career Academy for career counseling services.

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