Four Tips for Virtual Job Searching

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We’re now seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the national shutdowns and hiring freezes that have come with it. Many people have reached out to us asking how they can continue to job search effectively during such trying times.

The good news is that, for the most part, companies have not changed the way they hire. Many of the most effective job-search techniques are still applicable: Use your network, tailor your resume to the job and practice for behavior-based interviews. Here are some additional tips you can follow to make the most of your job search during the pandemic.


Take Advantage of Professional Development Opportunities

The number of webinars and online classes offered for free has skyrocketed during the Pandemic. Today, there are online classes for everything from learning how to code to management and leadership training.

Starkloff Disability Institute’s own Capstone Course is now being offered online. Coding classes offered by LaunchCode and Savvy Coders are now fully digital. LinkedIn Learning offers a 30-day free trial for their online courses.  Coursera, one of the largest repositories of online courses, offers professional development courses in almost anything you can think of.

List any courses you’ve taken during this time on your resume, including any class projects you’ve completed. Online courses and webinars serve another valuable function for job seekers too.


Use Webinars and Classes for Virtual Networking

If you attended a particularly interesting webinar, reach out to the host for an informational interview. Connect with your online instructors and class members to expand your network. Make sure everyone knows you’re job seeking.

The rules for online networking are exactly the same as they are for face-to-face networking. Always think first about what you can offer your network. Focus on building strong connections, and don’t just ask for job leads. Those will come later.


Really Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to tool for virtual networking. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, consider getting one right away. LinkedIn offers plenty of articles on how to make the best use of their platform. We’re such big fans of LinkedIn at Starkloff Disability Institute that we highlighted the platform in one of our past articles.


Set up a Dedicated Space and Time

Whether trapped inside because of a Pandemic or not, having a space dedicated just for your job search is associated with an increase in efficiency and a decrease in distraction and burnout. We also encourage you to keep a regular sleep and meal schedule as close as possible to your ideal work schedule. That means waking up early, working through the day, and closing down at 5pm. Take a break at noon and walk or sit outside for a while to clear your head.


This is All Great, but…

At least half of Americans don’t have regular, reliable access to the Internet and access to job centers and public libraries is spotty at best right now. Some of our job seekers are relying on family and friends to keep an eye on their email accounts for them and update their resumes. You can also still do plenty of effective networking over the phone.

If you need help filling out an online application because you don’t have Internet access, call the employer and ask for help. This is a reasonable request and should be easy for them to arrange.


Times are indeed challenging right now, but as a person with a disability, you’re used to confronting challenges whether you realize it or not. Tap into that innate adaptability and creative thinking. The rules for job searching are still the same. They just require a different approach.

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