In Honor of William Bixby Sheldon’s 80th Birthday

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One of our long-serving board members, William Bixby Sheldon, turned 80 in March.  As a means of celebrating his birthday, Bill asked his friends to send donations to support the work of the Starkloff Disability Institute.

Bill has served as Secretary on Starkloff’s Board of Directors for 10 years. He has long advocated collaboration among the deaf community and the rest of the disability community.  Bill has been a leader among local organizations of the deaf/hard of hearing and has connections with major deaf entities, such as Gallaudet University and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

Because of these connections, the Starkloff Disability Institute has been able to work closely with both of these universities on employment connections for deaf graduates.  We have also brought the National Technical Institute for the Deaf to St. Louis twice, with an upcoming 3rd visit on April 12 to train employers to welcome deaf/hard-of-hearing employees into their workforce.

Thank you to all who gave to Starkloff in honor of Bill’s 80th birthday:

Robert Barnes                               Jay Meier

Vivian and James Carrico            Gertrude B. Miller

Alexandra Childress                    Tish and Mike Murphy

Martha and Jim Conzelman       Shelley Selle

Emily Hillquist Davis                   Geneva & James Shearburn

Nancy and Nick Kurten               Tandy Thompson

Noel and Jim Mangano               Carol Von Arx

Mary Ann Medler and Bill Corrington


Thanks so much, Bill for your long standing support of SDI!  And we wish you many more happy birthdays.

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