Introducing the 2018 Workforce, Workplace Disability Aware Professional Development Course Catalog

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Last year, we proudly declared to St. Louis that we’re the Workforce, Workplace Disability Advisors. To support this position, we organized a variety of educational and training events that made St. Louis a more welcoming place for people with disabilities to work and live.

One of these events was the inaugural Workforce, Workplace Disability Summit on December 14, 2017. Watch this short video to learn how this event as well as other SDI events make St. Louis a better place to work and live for everyone.

Introducing the 2018 Course Catalog

At the summit we introduced the 2018 Workforce, Workplace Disability Aware Professional Development Course Catalog.  This publication outlines an array of classes and trainings that are available for business leaders and hiring professionals to help them reach their disability-inclusion goals. Two general courses will be offered in 2018, one in the spring and one in the fall, and individual courses can be scheduled by companies throughout the year.

“We see the Assistive Technology Demonstration becoming more popular among companies,” says David Newburger, Founder and Lead Consultant. “This training tool allows us to set up learning stations in which our trainers with disabilities demonstrate the adaptive technology they use to be productive workers. It is very interesting to all employees, who often do not come in contact with this type of technology.”

“The Interactive Workshop is one of the best classes we offer to help hiring professionals understand the benefit of hiring people with disabilities, and increase their comfort level with the process,” says Colleen Starkloff, Founder. “This course is 3 ½ hours long and can accommodate up to 24 people. It is ideal for recruiters and hiring managers. This class is very impactful because our trainers have disabilities and their stories are very powerful.”

“Starkloff Disability Institute has been a valuable resource to Express Scripts in promoting an inclusive workplace environment and culture,” says Ron Maurer, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Express Scripts. “Partnering with them on our Poss Ability Expo provided employees the opportunity to learn more about how people with disabilities experience daily life and use adaptive technology.”

“Our goal is to get this course catalog into the hands of every business leader and human resources professional in the region in the first quarter of 2018,” says Lori Becker, COO.  “St. Louis business leaders can trust the value of this education that comes with the name Starkloff.”

For more information on upcoming classes or to discuss consulting services, contact David Newburger at 314-588-7090 or dnewburger@starkloff.org. Click here to view the online catalog.

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