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Meet the Tool that is Revolutionizing the Job Search for Professionals with Disabilities

Hiring managers and human resources professionals speak passionately about the commitment their companies are making to diversity and inclusion. When it comes to the recruitment, hiring and retention of candidates with disabilities, however, many employers are uncertain of where to begin.

Sarah Bernard is the Chief Operating Officer at Inclusively, a revolutionary new employment platform that connects jobseekers with disabilities to the inclusive-minded companies looking to hire them. According to Sarah, Inclusively offers the tools and resources employers need to fulfill their disability inclusion efforts in a tangible way.

In some ways, Inclusively is similar to other career sites like LinkedIn, Indeed or Zip Recruiter. Free of charge, candidates can create a profile, upload a resume and browse job listings. Inclusively’s algorithm matches jobseekers with the opportunities that best fit their qualifications and interests.

But the Inclusively model stands out in one major way. Jobseekers are presented with a list of reasonable workplace accommodations (‘success enablers,’ as Inclusively calls them), and are encouraged to select the ones they need in order to thrive in their careers. Sarah says this approach helps to alleviate some of the stigma surrounding disability disclosure and requests for accommodations.

“Partnering with Inclusively is really a perfect match for Starkloff,” explains SDI’s Chief Operating Officer, Lori Becker. “We’ve been seeking a job platform partner that also aligns with our philosophical values. While we are experts in preparing candidates and companies, Inclusively is an expert in facilitating those connections.”

Inclusively is “changing social norms because, in the past, people with disabilities were always told never to disclose until after they received an offer. But the employers on our platform are the most inclusive, the most accommodating,” Sarah insists. “On the employers’ side, they don’t need to know what type of disability jobseekers have. All they need to know is what accommodations are needed to be successful. For candidates, just disclose what you need and know that it’s a safe environment to do so.”

In addition to posting jobs and enjoying access to a vast network of qualified jobseekers with disabilities, Inclusively companies can also take advantage of a comprehensive curriculum of training materials provided by expert partners, like the Starkloff Disability Institute. As Sarah points out, Inclusively simplifies the disability hiring process by consolidating everything an employer needs into one easy-to-use website.

“It used to be that the only access to this talent pipeline was through a fragmented market of nonprofits, government agencies and charities, all of whom do incredible work for disabled jobseekers, but it’s just dispersed across this fragmented infrastructure,” Sarah observes. “Our mission is to put a meaningful dent in unemployment for people with disabilities right here at Inclusively.”

Charlotte Dales, Founder and CEO of Inclusively, first hatched the idea of launching the premiere disability employment platform after receiving a facial from her cousin, the first licensed aesthetician with Down syndrome in the state of Florida. Charlotte, a successful entrepreneur in the technology space, quickly learned through her cousin’s experience that technology could be leveraged to address a very real need.

“It was very clear that her cousin’s potential far exceeded the opportunities that were given to her,” Sarah describes. “It really just took an employer that was willing to accommodate her needs, and she was able to find her dream job.”

Since its launch in July 2020, Inclusively has helped countless other jobseekers with disabilities attain meaningful employment. Despite the unfavorable conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Inclusively, its companies, candidates and partners continue to see amazing results.

“Of the candidates who are placed with our employers, 95% are still working at those organizations, which is exciting,” Sarah concludes. “We launched this during a very big hiring crisis that our country is facing, but we’re still seeing placements being made every week, and we’re signing one or two new employers on a weekly basis as well, so we’ll continue to share those success stories.”

SDI encourages all of our candidates to create Inclusively profiles and urge partner companies to further their DEI commitments by utilizing Inclusively to promote job opportunities.

To register for your free Inclusively profile, visit Inclusively.

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