Job Seeker Question of the Month: August 2019

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“How do I explain a gap in my work history due to illness?”

Employers won’t raise an eyebrow about three or four months of illness, but if you were out of the market for several years, you’ll need to explain it.
Don’t give the employer more information than necessary to understand why you had to take a break. In the interview, you could simply explain that you had a major health issue and needed the time to recover. On your resume, several SDI partner companies encourage a brief line such as, “2009-2010, rehabilitation from illness.”
You also need to highlight anything you did and/or are doing to keep your skills sharp. The fact of the matter is that the one or more years you were out of the market means you have less experience than someone with a comparable background. If you are currently out due to illness, as soon as you are able, focus on volunteering and taking classes so you can sharpen your skills and show the employer you’re ready to get back to work.
If you’ve had a period of unemployment due to illness and want to know how to discuss it, contact a Starkloff Career Academy Career Consultant to schedule an appointment.
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