Job Seeker Question of the Month: June 2019

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“How do I maximize my job alerts?”

Job boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter and Glassdoor include job-alert features that email you every time a job is posted that matches your criteria. While this feature sounds good on paper, using it effectively can be a challenge.

If your criteria are too specific, you won’t get many alerts; but if they’re too broad, your inbox will be swarmed.

Start by setting up job alerts for companies you want to work for. Then look at the specific positions they have that you’re interested in. Use their keywords to create additional alerts and be specific with locations. If you’re only willing to work in one area, specify that in your job alert.

A well-crafted job alert will supply you with a steady stream of potential jobs in your inbox, giving you more time to focus on tailoring your resume.

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