Job Seeker Question of the Month – June 2020

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“My disability can be triggered by my work conditions. How do I request accommodations from my employer?”


When people say their disability is “triggered,” they mean something in the environment has caused their disability’s symptoms to manifest. Allergic reactions, fatigue, migraines, extreme anxiety and panic attacks are some examples.

When a disability is triggered, workplace productivity can go out the window. Often the best solution is to find ways to prevent your disability from being triggered in the first place.

Start by making a list of your triggers. Then make a list of those triggers that are present in your work environment. Identify those things you might be able to address yourself. For those you can’t, approach your supervisor.

Explain that you have a disability, what triggers its symptoms, the symptoms that manifest and how they impact your productivity. Then work with your supervisor and the HR department to work out an accommodation.


If your disability can be triggered by loud noises, can you be moved to a quieter location? If you get migraines because of fluorescent lights, can these lights above your desk be removed? If your disability is triggered by strong odors, can the office institute a scent-free policy? These are just a few examples.


Work with your employer to find something that works best for you and keeps you productive.

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