SDI Teaches Washington University Academic Advisors How to Prepare Students with Disabilities for Employment

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Starkloff Career Academy trained 25 Washington University faculty and staff how to prepare students with disabilities for employment.  This 3-hour training session on January 10th was hosted in partnership with Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work.

Attendees represented the Brown School faculty, research institutes and administrative offices that either advise or supervise student workers.

Starkloff Career Academy Director Susan Menhard and Career Academy Associate Jason Hartsfield, both Brown School graduates, began the training with a brief overview of the history of Starkloff Disability Institute, as well as the Disability Rights and Independent Living movements. Attendees then worked in small groups to discuss and prepare advising strategies for potential students with disabilities. The training concluded with a discussion of important questions to ask students with disabilities when planning their careers. All of this was followed by a brief Q&A.

“It’s always inspiring to see firsthand the impact our alumni make in pursuit of a more equitable society,” said Katie Rice-Guter, Communications Manager for the Brown School. “Susan and Jason each combine their expertise, their social work skills and their lived experience to create positive change that is so needed in our community. We were lucky to learn from them.”

“The training provided by the Starkloff Disability Institute was eye-opening and a must for anyone involved in the hiring process,” said Heather Jacobsen, Brown School’s Evaluation & Communications Manager. “As Jason pointed out, one in five Americans has a disability and most aren’t visible. Managers need to know how to best work with employees with disabilities to facilitate their success.”

The training was supported by two of the Career Academy’s newest practicum students, Brown School first-year student Genevieve Atkins and second-year student Shamshir Tarlanov.

Starkloff Career Academy would like to thank them, as well as Brown School’s Lee Koelliker, Director of Career Services and Estelle Rockman, Director of Student Affairs.

Thanks to all of the wonderful Brown School faculty and staff who inspired and supported this training!

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