Starkloff Career Academy Graduate Profile: Jenny Garofalo

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I have gained so many additional skills personally and professionally …

Jenny Garofalo landed the perfect job as an administrative assistant with a local sales firm. “I enjoy assisting salespeople as well as assisting customers,” Jenny says of her new job. “I really enjoy making sure people walk out satisfied and with a smile on their face.”

Jenny came to Starkloff in December 2016. The Webster University alum with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing joined the Spring 2017 Capstone Course. Jenny has a neurological issue that she has overcome amazingly well. Her success is continuingly acknowledged.

She was eager to share the good news about her new job with the Career Academy staff when she arrived to emcee the Fall 2017 Capstone Course graduation ceremony last November. Ever the professional, Jenny executed her duties as the Mistress of Ceremonies with perfection.

When talking about how she got her new job, Jenny emphasized what she had learned from the Capstone Course.

“With regards to interviews, Starkloff taught me to realize the businesses already have an interest in me – otherwise, I wouldn’t be there!” Jenny shares. This knowledge helped her gain confidence.

“I did a lot of research. In class we focused on research, so I looked at their website, LinkedIn page, Glassdoor and Indeed,” Jenny says. “I googled articles, as well as read and watched their social media outlets to get a feel for the company culture and prepare my questions.” She thought of possible questions that could be asked and practiced answers. “I have had a lot of practice in that from the Career Academy classes, as well as through one-on-one training with Starkloff employees.”

Jenny brings a lot of unique experiences to her new position. She’s been a teacher, advocate, proofreader and now an administrative assistant. She has left a strong and positive impression on everyone who has worked with her.

“I am pleased to announce that due to my performance, I have been given additional responsibilities,” Jenny tells us. “The company is currently going paperless, so I have not only been asked to help maintain that database, but I have also been asked to take a full-time position. I have only been there for about 6 weeks.”

Jenny makes sure every time she works with the Career Academy, the staff know how much Starkloff has meant to her: “I would like to say thank you again to Starkloff and their wonderful staff!” she exclaims. “I have gained so many additional skills personally and professionally by being a graduate of this organization.”

Jenny’s words of wisdom to fellow Career Academy graduates: “To those still searching for employment, please remember all we learned in class. If you utilize the skill set we learned, it will really help you stand out. Don’t forget to use volunteer work on your resume. Research, research, research.  It really helps to relieve a lot of anxiety!”

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