The Starkloff Disability Institute provides innovative solutions and educational tools to companies wishing to hire qualified people with disabilities. Our methods are tested and proven successful for major corporations.

Why Starkloff Disability Institute?

The Starkloff Disability Institute brings over 85 years of combined experience and leadership in the area of disability. Nationally-recognized disability rights leaders Colleen Starkloff and David Newburger, attorney-at-law, have the knowledge and experience to provide highest-quality advice and sound solutions.

Why now?

The United States Department of Labor Rule 503 now asks federal contractors and subcontractors to set a goal to affirmatively hire people with disabilities at a rate of 7 percent of each job group. Your participation in our educational programs is a good faith effort to comply with this federal regulation.


Your bottom line can’t wait any longer. The inclusion of people with disabilities in your workforce has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. People with disabilities also bring a rich diversity to the organization. Studies show that people with disabilities make your workforce happier and more productive.

What services are provided?


SDI will work with the employer to examine current and potential programs and policies that will lead to the successful inclusion of people with disabilities at all levels of their workforce. SDI will assist the employer in preparing a comprehensive plan to create a more welcoming environment for people with disabilities. This may include an assessment of the company website, policies, or physical plant or a more narrow review of accommodations or recruitment practices.


This 90-minute, interactive workshop gives employees from senior leaders to first level staff a chance to hear answers to nagging questions they may have but are concerned about asking. It will also give participants a chance to have a small group discussion that will include professional disabled trainers.


A 60-minute eLearning module helps every employee understand the basics of working alongside people with disabilities. This product is perfect for a team about to accept a new employee with a disability, or any level employee throughout the company. The module contains interactive parts and quizzes for managers to ensure that people will take away information.


This 3 ½ -hour, interactive workshop eliminates any misconceptions or discomfort a recruiter or hiring manager may have about people with disabilities. The workshop can host up to 24 employee participants and is taught by 6 facilitators, each of whom has a disability. The workshop has three major components: group discussion, sighted guide tours, and mock interviews.


SDI will consult with company staff to suggest practical accommodation solutions and help resolve differences between managers and disabled employees before or upon getting to a crisis.


SDI will provide experiences that will give participants a taste of how individuals with disabilities function within the ordinary world. The simulation exercise will be located on the workplace site in the seminar area in stations that represent a mobility disability, blind, and low vision experiences.


SDI will demonstrate multiple types of adaptive technology that people with disabilities use to perform tasks at work. Technology is demonstrated by those who use it, who have visual impairment, blindness, manual dexterity disability, mobility disability, and those who are deaf and hard of hearing. MANAGEMENT COACHING SEMINAR

SDI will present a 2 to 3-hour panel discussion to address a company’s specific questions about employing people with disabilities. The company will submit questions to SDI in advance of the training session, including questions that they are not sure it is proper to ask. The panel will consist of disability employment experts, who among them have a mix of disabilities.


The Starkloff Distinction

Starkloff Disability Institute is impactful and achieves real results because all trainers are themselves people with disabilities.  The programs have proven successful in major corporations.

The Starkloff Disability Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create a world that welcomes people with disabilities. Your investment in disability employment consulting benefits all people with disabilities and helps achieve our mission.

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