NDEAM: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Check back throughout October for more resources on disability inclusion in the workplace from the experts at Starkloff!

A message from Senator Tammy Duckworth

Promote NDEAM In Your Workplace

Disability Ally Guide

Learn how to champion disability inclusion by countering misconceptions about disability

Leadership for Disabled Professionals

Professional Development
Join our monthly Advancements workshops to connect with other disabled professionals and learn the skills you need to take on leadership roles

Questions To Increase Inclusion

Shift your mindset from all-or-nothing checklist to a practice of increased progress

Stories to Share

Hear from thriving disabled professionals about their experiences

Read, Watch, and Listen

Advance your understanding of the disability experience through recommended books, movies, podcasts, and more

ODEP Resources

NDEAM posters and toolkits from the Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy

Making the Case for DEIA Investment

It might be the first place leaders want to make cuts, by 82% of workers say "Diversity Ditching" decreases their productivity


Wear your disability pride on your sleeve with our shirts and tote bags that support programs to help disabled people thrive at work and beyond

50 Years of the Rehab Act and Section 504

How did we get here? This year during NDEAM, we are celebrating the predecessor of the Americans with Disabilities Act— the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Learn (with a few laughs) about the Disability Rights leaders and their month-long sit-in to get this groundbreaking law enacted

Inclusive Stock Photography

Disability intersects with every other identity. Affect The Verb's #DisabledAndHere project can help you showcase the variety of experiences within the Disability Community with their vibrant stock photgraphy collections

Starkloff Disability Employment Summit 2023: Disabled People Thriving

Thank you to everyone who joined us, in-person and virtually, for our biggest Summit yet! So many practices, resources, insights, and tools were shared by our presenters to get you ready to celebrate NDEAM in your workplace.

If you have any questions about the Summit or are interested in trainings for your organization, please contact Jason Hartsfield, Lead Disability Inclusion Consultant and Summit co-organizer, at (314) 860-3071 or jhartsfield@starkloff.org.

Thank you to our sponsors World Wide Technology – host partner, BioSTL, STEM STL, BJC Healthcare, Greater St. Louis Inc., La Salle University, LHM Lodging Hospitality Management, Metro, Nestle Purina DEI, Saint Louis University And Community partners: Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, GadellNet, Lighthouse for the Blind St. Louis, Thompson Coburn LLC
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