“It’s important to remember that the recruiter is human, and that their job is to help you, not eliminate you,” says Laura Soucy. Laura is one of our Fall 2017 Capstone Course candidates.  She is a former manager who just completed her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Administration.  

“The value of this training is that it puts a face with the company,” another one of the fall candidates, Dora Philips believes. Dora holds dual master’s degrees in human resources administration and management. She also has significant accounting experience and ran her own business for over a decade. “It makes it easier to apply when you know that there are people at the company who want to hire you,” she adds. 

This fall’s Capstone Course reached its half-way point on October 10th, when all 10 of the candidates went to Nestle Purina’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis. Here, they partook in a full day of training. Talent Sourcing Manager Brook Lynch led the morning with a thorough presentation on finding and applying for jobs. After a lunch with recruiters, candidates split into four teams to have their resumes reviewed and practice difficult interviewing questions. 

One week later, these same candidates got a second chance to show what they learned to Ameren UE’s Nya Grimes, Strategic Workforce Specialist and Jennifer Krusl, Recruiter. After presenting an overview of Ameren, Nya and Jennifer explained their own views and experiences of what works in a job search. They then broke the candidates into two small groups to work on interview questions. 

“You guys have some of the best answers I’ve heard in a while!” Nya exclaimed while working with her group. “I was very impressed with their resumes and professionalism,” she added later. “I believe we have some future Ameren employees!” 

Brook Lynch from Nestle Purina said about this current class, “This group of candidates was very prepared with jobs they might be interested in, resumes, and questions to engage with the recruiting team. We wish them the best of luck in their career searches.”  

“Purina engages in these events as a way to contribute positively to our local community.  Our objective is equip the Career Academy candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to find a job in today’s market,” said Brook.  

Starkloff would like to thank Brook Lynch’s wonderful team of recruiters at Nestle Purina: Amanda Josias, Manager, Sourcing Strategies; Eric Schmidt, Lead, Talent Sourcing Strategies; Tammy Velasquez, Team Leader; Kandice Kinney, Recruiter; and Katie Jercinovic, Talent Sourcing Representative. 

Current capstone participant Kim Killian said “when I trained with Nestle Purina and Ameren they gave me that real experience as to what it’s going to be like in the interviews. A lot has changed since I interviewed years ago. I am very appreciative to have had that opportunity to learn these changes.”  

Starkloff Career Academy’s Fall 2017 Capstone Course ends on November 6. Our graduating candidates will be presented with their certificates as part of a graduation ceremony on November 9th at the Brentwood Recreational Center starting at 6pm. Friends and family are encouraged to come and support these hard-working graduates. 

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