David Newburger lectured to 25 Washington University Law School students on how large portions of the population have unwitting bias against people with disabilities. Newburger, a former law school professor and Commissioner on the Disabled for the City of St. Louis, approached the subject from the legal perspective. “Looking at the ADA, we see that these biases result in discrimination against people with disabilities,” says Newburger. “It permeates every aspect of society. For example, in architecture, new physical barriers have the same effect for people with disabilities as signs that say people of color are not welcome. In employment, unverified assumptions about what a person with a disability cannot do have the same effect as excluding women or people of color.”

Professor Kim Norwood invited Starkloff leaders to participate in her class. Colleen Starkloff spoke at a later class, and tackled the subject of bias from a personal perspective. Both leaders have been invited back for future classes on bias.

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