Asked by her former neurologist, Dr. Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez to be a featured speaker at the 3rd Annual CP Prep for Life Conference in Southlake, Texas, our own social media intern Tiffany Eickhoff enthusiastically agreed. The conference is for parents and people to go to for cerebral palsy resources. 

Tiffany participated in the young adult/teen panel discussion. “I was asked many questions while on the panel: about my college experience, how I got my driver’s license, how I stay fit and how I tackle certain things,” Tiffany revealed.  Tiffany recently got her driver’s license, which was a major milestone for her in her overall path toward full employment.  

“I met people from all over the United States!” Tiffany shared. There were about 200 attendees, with parents in the main audience.  The national conference was held July 28-29 and was sponsored by the Alyssa V. Phillips Foundation and #1 CP Place. 

This was the first time Tiffany travelled by herself out of state. “It was a huge milestone for me,” Tiffany said. “Of course my parents were scared to death, but it was great. I received huge applause when I told the audience that I travelled by myself.” 

Tiffany is a 2014 graduate of SIU-Edwardsville with a degree in Speech Communication, a minor in Sociology. Her career goal is to help people with disabilities and work in social media communications. 

We are very proud of Tiffany’s work. Congrats, Tiffany!

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