Workforce, Workplace Disability Summit

Where: Four Seasons Hotel

Time: 8 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Admission: $100.00 per ticket Lunch and Refreshments included.

The Workforce, Workplace Disability Summit is a professional development event focused on providing human resource professionals the latest information on disability in the workplace and best practices for making corporate processes, operations and facilities disability welcoming.


Presenter Line – Up:

Megan Lawrence, PhD – Accessibility Technical Evangelist | MicrosoftKeynote Presenter
November Champion, Sr. Online Accessibility Strategist for Wells Fargo Clearing Services | Wells Fargo Clearing ServicesKeynote Presenter
Quincy Jones, Global Talent, Diversity & Inclusion | The Boeing CompanyBreak-Out Session Presenter
Susan Stith, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Giving | Express ScriptsBreak-Out Session Presenter
Wade Rakes, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer | Centene CorporationBreak-Out Session Presenter
 Tony Sofia, Certified Personnel Consultant Manager, Talent Acquisition | Wells Fargo AdvisorsBreak-Out Session Presenter


Plenary One: Keynote Presentation

Presenter: November Champion, Sr. Online Accessibility Strategist for Wells Fargo Clearing Services

Title: What Business Leaders Need to Know About Web Accessibility

Summary: People with disabilities access websites and digital content in different ways, and the design and development of that content needs to be inclusive for many reasons. The process of being inclusive actually brings added benefits beyond allowing those with disabilities to access your content, and we’ll talk about how you can get started on the journey of making your company’s digital content inclusive.

Roundtable Discussion One

Presenter: Quincy Jones, Global Talent, Diversity & Inclusion, The Boeing Company

Title: How to better recruit qualified people with disabilities in your company.

Individuals with disabilities can help employers gain a strategic advantage in a rapidly changing economy. As the workforce ages, companies will need to tap into previously untapped talent pools to meet demand. Individuals with disabilities represent one of the largest of these pools. Now more than ever, students with disabilities are pursuing higher education, work experience programs, internships, and more.  This roundtable discussion examines where and how to tap into this pool of talent. Participants will share strategies and best practices on strategic partnerships, marketing, technology, programming, and more.

Roundtable Discussion Two

Presenter: Susan Stith, VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Giving. Express Scripts

Title: How to create a welcoming workplace for employees with disabilities.

Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment requires sincere commitment from all levels of the organization. This commitment starts with the highest levels of leadership including top executives, their leadership teams, and the boards of directors. Communicating this goal of inclusion and diversity to employees at all levels and including what they can do to help is extremely important. Accessibility is key to fostering an environment of inclusion.  This means not only removing physical barriers by providing such things as wheelchair ramps, Braille signage, and accessible restrooms, but also providing removing digital barriers by ensuring information and communication technology is accessible to all and/or compatible with assistive software and devices. Accessibility also has an attitudinal dimension. Doors must be open, both literally and figuratively, to all qualified individuals including those with disabilities. Fostering such an environment will help increase productivity, ensure a wider pool of talent, and expand potential the customer base. This session focuses on the importance of commitment and communication from leadership, and removal of physical, technological, and attitudinal barriers to create a fully inclusive culture.

Roundtable Discussion Three

Presenter: Wade Rakes, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Centene Corporation

Title: How to welcome a team member with a disability.

Ensuring a new team member with a disability gets off to a strong start is very important.  This roundtable discussion will examine how your company can prepare to welcome a new team member. Do you have policies and procedures in place that help guide you through the onboarding and accommodations process? Is the new employee’s future team prepared to meet and work with him or her? Will you be able to evaluate, retain and promote this individual? This session addresses these issues that all add up to creating a welcoming environment in which a new employee can thrive.

Roundtable Discussion Four

Presenter: Anthony Sofia, Certified Personnel Consultant Manager, Talent Acquisition, Wells Fargo Advisors

Title: Best practices in interviewing a person with a disability.

The value of the job interview in the hiring process is obvious. It allows employers a chance to identify those who possess the best combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position. This roundtable discussion provides information on the best strategies for ensuring the maximum benefit from interviewing a person with a disability. Topics covered include the dos and don’ts, job analysis, and how to prepare for and conduct a meaningful interview.

Plenary Two: Keynote Presentation 

Presenter: Megan Lawrence, PhD – Microsoft Accessibility Technical Evangelist

Title: Universal Accessibility: Microsoft’s Mission

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, which includes creating and delivering technology that is accessible and usable for people of all abilities. With more than one billion people with disabilities in the world, Microsoft is passionate about accessibility and is invested in ensuring our products work for all our customers. Technology has the power to enable people to achieve more, help strengthen education opportunities, make the workplace more inviting and inclusive for people with disabilities, help governments interact with citizens, and better connect people with friends and families at home.

As our CEO, Satya Nadella, recently said, “This mission connects in fundamental ways with how we as a company operate, how we design and develop technology and how we work with others to serve people with disabilities. We are committed to delivering great experiences to people with disabilities.”

Topics include building an inclusive workplace culture, building customer trust, increasing productivity, creating products that delight, and supporting customers.

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