Building inclusion where we live, learn, work, and play through disability-led programs that advance economic opportunity and transform lives. 

The Starkloff Disability Institute is a St. Louis-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2003 by Max and Colleen Starkloff and David Newburger to break down society’s barriers and build a more inclusive community. Early on, we identified employment as the key to full inclusion for people with disabilities. A job brings dignity, economic opportunity, and connection.

Our Impact

Today, the Starkloff Disability Institute is recognized as the Workforce, Workplace Disability Advisor. Born out of the disability rights movement, Starkloff works to help disabled people thrive by acting on both sides of the problem:

EMPOWERING CANDIDATES: Our candidate programs empower people with disabilities to take control of their careers and succeed in competitive professions. Through a range of programs targeting youth, college students, and adults, Starkloff teaches people with disabilities to step into their power as disabled professionals and equips them with the tools to thrive in the workplace. 

IMPROVING SYSTEMS: Through corporate partnerships, community outreach, conferences, media, and more, Starkloff dispels myths and helps companies implement inclusive hiring and customer service practices. We use many approaches to teach people how common disability is, that it isn’t something to fear or be uncomfortable with, and how they can be more welcoming. 20 years of transforming lives …and we’re just getting started!