Max Starkloff Society

Max dedicated his life to breaking down barriers to full participation in society for disabled people.  

Members of the Max Starkloff Society are carrying on Max’s legacy through their philanthropy and provide core funding to fuel our work at the Starkloff Disability Institute.  

Since its founding in 2013, we have worked together to empower over 880 people with disabilities and educate thousands of people across our community to get closer our vision: disabled people thriving. 

Annual Household Membership: 

Make a $1,000+ gift to the Starkloff Disability Institute annual fund and you will receive special invitations to Starkloff events, an exclusive annual appreciation event, and regular updates about the impact of your leadership gifts to help disabled people thrive! 

Join by making your gift today or contacting our Development Team at (314) 588-7090 or to answer any questions. 

Photos from Society Events