Starkloff Career Academy

Lifelong career success, not just a paycheck. 

Collage of 3 photos: 2 professionals in conversation, a Career Academy cohort graduation, and a professional working from home on multiple computer screens. Some people are using mobility aids.

The Starkloff Career Academy is the Starkloff Disability Institute’s premier employment education program. Working with Starkloff career experts in our online classroom, adults with disabilities gain the skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace and in life. 

“I am a confident, disabled professional. I’ve never been able to say those three things together before.”
– Meghan, Starkloff Career Academy Graduate

The Starkloff Career Academy has three levels designed to meet you where you are in both your career journey and your personal disability experience and offer the right amount of learning and support.

  • Foundations: Live online class meets 2x each week for 4 weeks.Our introductory program helps people with disabilities gain the foundational knowledge, skills, and tools they need to start their career journey, including constructing strong resumes, nailing interviews, and showcasing your disability as an asset.
  • Transitions: Self-paced online resources and 1x weekly live online support and coaching for 8 weeks.This level is for candidates who want to translate their knowledge, skills, and experiences into new opportunities as they explore new industries, specialties, and career paths.
  • Advancements: Live virtual workshops offered monthly.Through this ongoing program of monthly virtual meetings includes continuing professional development opportunities with experts and networking with peers for the candidates ready to go up for promotion or leadership roles.

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The Starkloff Career Academy will meet candidates wherever they are on their career journey with a pathway specifically designed by and for professionals with disabilities. We partner with our network of leading employers committed to disability-welcoming workplaces to practice skills and get feedback from real hiring professionals. Along with our powerful curriculum, the Starkloff Career Academy includes discussion and support from peers—other disabled professionals who share and live the same experiences. Building this network is key to long-term career success.

Proven Results

  • 350+ Career Academy Graduates
  • 50+ Partner Companies
  • 80% success rate in career advancement

Are you looking for disability employment services?

Starkloff Disability Institute is not a job-placement agency. We help you build the skills and confidence to succeed in the workforce. Our goal is to empower you to find opportunities you’re excited about and rise to the top of the talent pool, and continue to advance your career on your terms.

With a track record going back to its launch in 2012, the Starkloff Career Academy model helps professionals advance their careers at a rate 30% better than traditional vocational rehabilitation services.

Corporate Partners

Starkloff Career Academy is proud to partner with more than 50 disability-welcoming companies, including: