Live Webinar. Flipping the Script: ADHD and Leadership. Register at SCA Advancements is a free workshop for professionals with disabilities. Graphic of brightly colored paper airplane leading a group of plain planes.

Advancements 24Q2 Series: Leadership and You

Leadership skills empowering you to do well at work and in life. Register at the link. See you there!

Session 1: Friday, April 19 at Noon CT (Zoom)
Leadership Math: How You Can Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Your Way to Being a More Effective Leader
with Ali Carson | Executive Coach, Movere Coaching

Learn the unique needs of your team and how to become a leader worth following through trust, compassion, stability, and hope.

Session 2: Friday, May 17 at Noon CT (Zoom)
Flipping the Script: ADHD and Leadership
with Crystal Heimbeck | Senior Business Partner, Marketing Procurement | Purina

Let’s write a new narrative on leading with neurodiversity or your disability.

Session 3: Friday, June 21 at Noon CT (Zoom)
The Watercooler
Facilitated peer discussion to put your new skills into action and build your network of disabled professional peers.

Advancements is offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of our funding partners to help disabled people thrive.
Registration is required.